Make a Goal to Include Juicing in Your Routine During 2016

It is not too late to make a New Years’ resolution and this is an excellent time to add juicing to your routine. Every year around 75 percent of Americans make a New Years’ resolution, yet the majority of them give up within the first couple of months. This is typically because resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. Things like losing weight are easy on paper but difficult to do in real life.

Set Small Goals

Instead of setting a difficult goal like running several miles every day, start small. You can begin by walking every day on your lunch break or going for a jog every Saturday. It is better to start out slowly and be able to keep your resolutions than to make them unattainable and quit altogether.

Juicing is an Easy Resolution to Keep

If you are looking for a truly easy resolution to keep, try juicing. By juicing every day, you can get the benefits of receiving all the nutrients you would get from several cups of fresh fruits and vegetables. If eating healthy is not your forte, this is the simplest way to improve your diet. It is also a good solution for people that are simply too busy to worry about cooking in general. Since we have a juice bar at our pharmacy, you can stop by and pick up a green juice on your way to work or on your lunch break.

Green Juices Taste Amazing

Juicing is not only good for you, it also tastes amazing. When you juice you can combine any number of ingredients that are entirely healthy, providing you with the nourishment that you need to feel amazing. Since our green juices also taste amazing, it is easy to incorporate them into your daily routine.

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